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To be the financial institution of choice


To build the Royal Reserve brand into a reputable international financial institution recognized for innovation, superior performance and creation of premium value for all stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Integrity, Professionalism, Corporate Governance, Loyalty and Excellent Service.
  • People, Technology, Service

United Royal Bank was established in May 2012, And was serving as Loan company to many companies ,businesses,schools E.t.c in the USA and full commenced operations in July 2015 as a commercial bank. The Bank became a public limited company on June 2016, and was listed on the US Stock Exchange on October 21, 2018 following a highly successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Headquartered in New York, United States of America, United Royal Bank has four branches and business offices in prime, commercial centers all over the world Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and The Netherlands, And many more countries coming up.

Customer Care

United Royal Bank is committed to providing the best possible customer care to its clients. To us that means ensuring that our customers' personal information remains confidential and secure, adhering to appropriate sales practices within the banking industry and resolving customer complaints as quickly as possible.


United Royal Bank is committed to providing customers with a secure and protected banking and brokerage environment.

Move your money between countries

Send money to more than 70 countries, always with a low and transparent fee. With Direct Debits in the UK, Europe and US, paying your bills and subscriptions across currencies is easier than ever.



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